JavaFX, Kotlin and Spring Framework – Complete

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This blog post fleshes out a previous, much briefer post on adding Spring Framework to the JavaFX and Kotlin mix. I took my original multi-controller application and converted all the JavaFX controllers into Spring Beans.  All the beans are initialised in a configuration class, and allowed me to refactor the controllers to use constructor based injection.


Spring Controller Initialisation

All the controllers are created by Spring in a configuration class. Also the EventBus is also a bean and injected into all the controllers.

open class ApplicationConfig {
open fun applicationController(fileListController: FileListController,
filePropertiesController: FilePropertiesController,
fileDataController: FileDataController): ApplicationController {
return ApplicationController(fileListController, fileDataController, filePropertiesController)

open fun eventBus(): EventBus {
return EventBus()

open fun fileDataController(eventBus: EventBus): FileDataController {
return FileDataController(eventBus)

open fun fileListController(eventBus: EventBus): FileListController {
return FileListController(eventBus)

open fun filePropertiesController(eventBus: EventBus): FilePropertiesController {
return FilePropertiesController(eventBus)

So the Application Controller is now much simpler, taking all the other controllers as constructor arguments.

class ApplicationController(private val fileListController: FileListController, private val fileDataController: FileDataController, private val filePropertiesController: FilePropertiesController) {

Application Startup

Application startup now needs to create a Spring Application Context and inject the application controller into the FXML Loader.

class Main : Application() {
private val context: AnnotationConfigApplicationContext = AnnotationConfigApplicationContext(

override fun start(primaryStage: Stage) {
val controller = context.getBean("applicationController") as ApplicationController
val loader = FXMLLoader(javaClass.getResource("/springkotlin.fxml"))

And that’s it! The full source code is here.

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